A Year in Review

The top “Let them Eat Cake” posts of 2021


As we approach the new year, and another year plagued by a global pandemic has passed us by, it’s always good to reflect – to look and see what worked and what we can work on for the year to come.

Here at “Let Them Eat Cake” we like to look back at what you most enjoyed, and from our calculations, it looks like that included: planning your honeymoon with our “dream honeymoons” series, real weddings, making sure your hair and makeup are perfect, scouting new locations and fun wedding extras.

We love our dream honeymoon series with New Orleans Bride magazine travel editor Becca Hensley, and it seems you do too. Our top honeymoon vacations this year were to historic Virginia retreats and finding romance in Brooklyn.

When it came to how a bride looks on her wedding day, we all were looking for ways to achieve frizz free hair in this New Orleans climate.

When it came to real weddings, you loved our New Orleans weddings, but – like many of us – we’re interested in how the other half lives. The wedding of Princes William and Harry’s cousin Lady Kitty Spencer – niece of Princess Diana and daughter of Diana’s younger brother Charles – was not only gorgeous, as the bride wore STUNNING Dolce & Gabbana outfits for the entire wedding weekend, but it was fit for a fairytale princess as she married South African businessman Michael Lewis.

If you have a real wedding you’d like to share, don’t forget to submit all the required information to the New Orleans Bride/Let Them Eat Cake team here.

When it came to locations, the new Nolé Special Event Venue topped your list. The former restaurant has made a COVID-19 comeback as the “ultimate guest experience for corporate events, weddings, showers, banquets, receptions and parties.”

Furthermore, The Chloe hotel’s new addition of a pool and pool bar just in time for the summer months topped, what we assume is, our bachelorette charts.

We love our lagniappe in New Orleans and weddings are no exception. Food and fun wedding additions were also popular in 2021. As weddings got smaller amid COVID-19 surges, entrepreneurs like Heather Massel of Bubble Tap New Orleans got creative. Like Massel, Fleurty Girl’s Lauren Haydel and Jazz Fest artist Nan Parati partnered for the second year as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was cancelled once again. The Jazz Fest talent signs are iconic, and the duo decided to bring those signs to the masses. We loved the idea as a wedding shower present for a couple to display in their home, and apparently so did you.

When it comes to a New Orleans wedding there are a few things that reign supreme in the order of importance. One of those is the food. Also making a pivot as COVID-19 still impacted the wedding industry, caterers and wedding planner were looking for creative ways to make sure the food was the star, but everyone stayed safe and socially distant.

Another New Orleans wedding staple is that of the second line, but many are unaware of the steps it takes to book this festive wedding addition. This year we laid out the how-to of bringing the energetic ensemble to your Big Day.

Though we love all our blog posts equally, we wanted to share a few more favorites from this year. We, Kelly and Melanie, adore many things – history, etiquette, European… anything, and looking at all of our favorite traditions and dissecting their inception. As always, we hope you enjoy and get as much fun out of our posts as we do.








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