The zero proof cocktail trend is still on the rise with people all over the United States and Europe taking booze breaks or giving up alcohol all together. Yes, even in Louisiana, where we love our libations. As regular readers of this blog know, I went on a break in 2020 and it stuck. I’m over two years alcohol free at this point and loving the energy, clarity, focus and fun I’m having without the booze. Last year, Molly Kimball, Registered Dietitian, and the founder and director of Ochsner’s Eat Fit NOLA, as well as a long time source, collaborator and friend, asked me to serve as the editor of a book she was working on with craft cocktail master and beverage industry whiz Ethan Skaggs. When I learned it was a zero proof cocktail recipe book, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Molly’s inaugural Eat Fit #AlcoholFreeFor40 event was the catalyst for me reassessing my cozy relationship with cocktails. Which was typical of the average New Orleanian, and while not at a problematic stage, was starting to feel a little too close for comfort! These days, I can truly take it or leave it and am happy to pass the torch of my professional drinking career to the next generation. Although they don’t seem as interested in the drinking arts as my generation, so perhaps this is a turning point in our country’s love affair with alcohol. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, for those who want to take a break, are teetotal or who are not drinking right now for whatever reason, or no reason, here are some additional details about the zero proof cocktail book.

“Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails” is a gorgeous, full-color book featuring more than 50 recipes, guides to barware, bitters, glassware and everything else you need to craft a fully sensorial zero proof cocktail, this book is an essential — and beautiful — resource for every home mixologist’s library. Many of the recipes are inspired by cocktails made popular by some of the state’s most beloved restaurants and bars. The recipe for a zero proof French 75 is my personal favorite.

I am so passionate about the subject matter of this book and the many free and low-cost wellness initiatives of Eat Fit (like the #AlcoholFreeFor40 challenge), that I provided my editing services for free. That’s how much I believe in the work of Molly and her team, as well as Ethan. They all also worked on the book at no charge. Proceeds from book sales help fund Eat Fit programs, so you can get a fabulous book and help support worthwhile health and health education initiatives. It’s a win-win! The book officially publishes in October of 2022, but pre-sale is live.

If you aren’t already familiar with Drink Fit Club, the digital space I created to share booze break motivation, information and inspiration, check it out and follow on Instagram and Facebook. Whether you follow or not, be sure to use the code DRINKFIT for 20 percent off of the book, which would make a wonderful gift this holiday season for anyone in your life who loves delicious drinks, but is off the sauce. Spoiler Alert: Many, if not all, of the drinks in the book can be spiked, so you don’t have to be a non-drinker to enjoy! It can also serve as a great resource for your next gathering, so you can have something fun on the menu for non-drinkers. Pre-order the book from the Ochsner online store or get it at your favorite local or national bookseller.

The New Orleans launch of “Craft” is at Octavia Books on Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. and catch us at the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge on Oct. 29. (Disclosure: Louisiana Life, a publication of my employer Renaissance Publishing, is one of the festival sponsors.)


Cheers to festive and delicious drinks for everyone!


Do you love zero proof cocktails or think the notion is ridiculous? Email to discuss.