Accent Pieces

A kitchen backsplash—from boring to brilliant!

When my husband and I remodeled our kitchen more than two years ago, I could not find anything I liked for the backsplash. I shopped for ceramic and glass tiles, but nothing looked original so I left the backsplash plain with just the painted wall color. Recently, I began researching for some backsplash ideas and found that pressed-tin ceiling tiles are making a comeback. They are very versatile and can be used on ceilings, backsplashes, moldings, fireplace accents, and even as wall art. I found a company—M-Boss—that specializes in more than 100 patterns, 11 color finishes and ships anywhere. The panels come in 24-inch squares that you can either nail or glue into position, which makes installation very easy. We love the final result, because the counter area is brighter and the tile reflects onto the surface work area.

When choosing your tile pattern look at the current lines of your kitchen. I picked out a square motif pattern because of the architecture of the cabinets. The 24-inch squares have a repeat pattern that ranges from 3-inches to 12-inches, or the full square panel. Most backsplashes are about 14-inches tall, so chose a pattern that will show at least two repeats of the pattern motifs. The one shown here has a 6-inch repeat.
The project can be installed by just one person in a few hours. A friend helping will cut the time in half.

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