I was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease around my 20th birthday. I became one of about 50 million Americans (20 percent of the population according to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association) who were somehow affected by autoimmune diseases – a debilitating issue in which a body’s immune system attacks its healthy cells. My culprit, Rheumatoid Arthritis, would forever change the way I approached physical activities as small as walking up a few stairs, getting out of my car or standing for long periods of time.

As someone who once found it hard to find comfort in the medical professionals around me, I wasn’t expecting to find that comfort in both the session as well as the people when I first walked into Allied Chiropractic & Wellness. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.

My first visit, like that of any patient of Dr. Ben Dichiara and his team, was a consultation that included a full evaluation of my medical history, where I was physically and what my goals were for my treatment. Like anywhere in New Orleans, by the time I left the whole team felt like family and I knew exactly of what my treatment would consist. When you come in for your second visit, you’re started on your “plan of attack” and guided through whatever physical rehabilitation, Active Release Technique among many other methods that have been set up specifically for you.

It may not heal my arthritis or cure disease, but I know that with each appointment I leave feeling relaxed with less stress, and that in itself is a victory. Dr. Dichiara and his team pride themselves on offering not only chiropractic services, but also an all around wellness and maintenance experience for each of their patients. For those of whom chiropractic care isn’t an option, but stress is too much of a daily occurrence, they can call in a deep tissue masseuse. Morgan Packard, Managing Editor of New Orleans Magazine, had to go that route. “I suffer from migraines and loss of feeling in my right hand that are caused in part by muscle tension. Though I’m not a good candidate for chiropractic medicine, Dr. Dichiara recommended deep tissue massage,” she says. An aficionado of massages, “This one was the most therapeutic I’ve ever had; it wasn’t relaxing, but I left feeling better than I had in months and will definitely return – often.”

Whether you have a debilitating medical condition, a persistent neck or back injury or just feel the wear and tear of everyday stress, give chiropractic care a try – maybe you too will be pleasantly surprised.

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