Unlike destination treatment centers, Avenue Recovery Center offers a unique, 90-day community-based program that treats addiction and its underlying causes with a focus on reintegration.

Phase one of Avenue’s revolutionary three-step program takes place at Townsend Facility in New Orleans, with an emphasis on detox and stabilization. Clinicians help patients to understand the consequences of addiction with individual and group therapy, cognitive testing and abuse education.

Phase two in Metairie offers an additional 30-day program, during which patients are invited to live on premises in a residential-style facility.
Once the brain has undergone sufficient rehabilitation, caregivers are able to help patients understand the traumas, core behaviors and reactions that often lead to relapse. The final phase is the most unique to Avenues: to achieve sustainable community reintegration, patients are aided with building life skills that ease the transition into normal life, like how to find employment and avoid negative triggers.

With several locations across the country, Avenues is not just servicing the community — they are part of the community, and they are dedicated to providing the resources and attention necessary for lasting recovery.

Avenues Recovery Center
4933 Wabash Street, Metairie | 504.513.4200 | AvenuesRecovery.com

Avenues at Townsend Recovery Center
5620 Read Blvd., 5th Floor, New Orleans | TownsendLa.com

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