World War II was raging and everyone was doing their part to make the officers who were stationed in New Orleans and their wives feel comfortable. The New Orleans Country Club, and many others, invited officers to their dances on the weekends, and Adel Jenness volunteered to help find housing for those stationed here by helping with one of the dances at the Patio Royal (now Brennan’s). She was having her picture taken for the Society section of the paper when Dr. Charles “Chuck” Hesse, a Major in the veterinary corps in the Army, noticed how beautiful she was. As she was dancing with her date, Chuck asked to cut in. He was a wonderful dancer, so they danced the rest of the night! He asked her for a date but she refused because she had just met him. She was with her family at their country house in Mississippi, and he asked if he could come and meet her family. Her mother and father loved him. Adel and Chuck dated exclusively, and on one of their dates at Arnaud’s he asked her to go with him to Chicago; she replied that she didn’t go on trips with single men. He explained that he wanted her to marry him.

They were married 10 weeks after they met at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church with a small reception at the Jenness’ home on Vincent Avenue in Metairie.

Adel’s dress was created by the dressmaker of the day and her flowers were gigantic orchids. They honeymooned at the Palmer House in Chicago and then went on to meet his parents in Columbus, Ohio.

Adel and Chuck were married for 54 years. Chuck died in 1996 and Adel is right here in New Orleans in her own home, and is as charming and beautiful as ever at 97 years young.

Adel Jenness Weds Dr. Charles HesseAdel Jenness Weds Dr. Charles Hesse