Adele P. Faust

Adele Faust opened her now thriving law practice after graduating from Newcomb College and Loyola School
of Law at 25, and she remains a solo practitioner focusing on personal injury and family law. Her soothing, endearing enthusiasm often masks her unflinching and aggressive determination to win.

“I understand and relate to my clients’ concerns, and attempt to make them 
feel secure in a legal system they usually fear.” Undaunted by flood and mud, she personally resurrected her first office after Katrina.

Adele is driven by the idea that “this is 
a day we will never get to live again.” Her passion for getting the most out of every day carries from her professional 
to personal life. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and gardening at the home she designed and built, which is also the site of several charitable fundraisers she has hosted. Adele attributes her success to the character instilled by her parents, who still inspire her, and who take understandable pride in her gratification in giving more than she receives.



*Clothing From Saks Fifth Avenue: Sue Wong