As an aging woman in 2023, it’s hard to know where to draw the line when it comes to aging gracefully. Do we allow ourselves the wrinkles, sagging, and dullness that often accompany middle age? Or do we allow the endless barrage of social media images and ads to convince us there’s a treatment or procedure that can turn back the hands of time? It’s more confusing than ever to maintain a sense of self. The fantasy often outweighs the reality and we become confused as to what things actually help us look younger, and which ones just end up looking silly. This certainly doesn’t mean we have to look bad or be put out to pasture. Luckily, there are many ways to look your best in a more natural style. 

In this digital age of filters and Photoshop, it’s more important than ever to seek out people IRL (in real life) who are aging as you would like to age and to seek their advice. Cultivate your own set of muses (friendly or professional) who will be real and pass along good advice. If they are a true friend (and sometimes even if not) they will tell you. 

The results from our muses came back with the thesis that aging well is 50% genetics and 50% effort. That’s hopeful! Of course, you can’t emulate someone else’s genes, but you can try out their beauty regimen. Our muses suggested selecting a handful of rituals daily, monthly, and annually to keep you looking like yourself, but at your best.  As with most things in life, the key is moderation and commitment. It’s not sexy or immediately gratifying, but it’s the truth. Here are a few bits of advice from some of our secret beauty muses.  


Wear it all day, even when you think you don’t need it. And don’t forget your neck, chest, and hands! Opt for a mineral based kind like the Earthsaver’s brand or the cult favorite, non-greasy La Roche- Posay Melt in Milk at Blue Mercury

Quality Makeup: 

A good, tinted moisturizer like this one at Pure Dermatology or Vibrant Market will blur fine lines and keep you double protected from the sun. 

Laser Resurfacing: 

There are gummies, broths and supplements promising increased collagen, but as far we’re concerned the best (albeit more expensive) remedy for the skin is laser resurfacing. We like the Clear and Brilliant laser at Audubon Dermatology. It’s affordable, there’s no downtime, and it can be done as often as every 4 weeks.  


There are topical organic choices at Vibrant Market, or other bestsellers like Revision Retinol Complete at Audubon Dermatology. Peeling at the beginning is normal. Stick with it! 


We all know Botox is safe (per FDA) and gets the job done, but there’s a new sheriff in town. A new, longer lasting injectable called Daxxify. Daxi for short, is an FDA approved neurotoxin similar to Botox and Dysport in that it paralyzes the active muscle it’s injected into. The difference with Daxi is that it has the added benefit of lasting anywhere from 6-9 months (as opposed to 3-4 like its peers). Always seek out a board-certified dermatologist for the best results.  

If you are a needle-phobe this is for you! We had the chance to try out Daxxify at Audubon Dermatology (one of only a few local dermatologists who have it) and can confirm that it’s painless and works like a charm! Perfect for the “gracefully aging” gal who hasn’t quite given up yet!