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Aimee Barousse

Aimee Barousse
Plan B Weddings

Plan B Weddings offers day-of services, mid-range and full wedding design, specializing in destination weddings in New Orleans.

What services do you offer for brides-to-be? We customize packages for all of our wedding clients based on their planning needs, budget parameters, size of wedding, number of locations and many other factors. For a bride who has the time and wherewithal to do her own wedding planning, we offer day-of services that include three pre-planning meetings. 

When a bride needs a little more assistance, we offer a mid-range package that includes all of the day-of services and additional pre-planning hours. Our clients can use these additional hours for part of the process where our expertise comes into play, including creating décor concepts, suggestions for great New Orleans bands, booking hotel room blocks and guidance with transportation.

We pamper our brides every step of the way.

How do you differ from other wedding planners? Our specialty is producing destination weddings. More than 85 percent of our clientele lives in another city or state and comes to New Orleans to get married and have a weekend of events in our great city.

Whether that includes hosting a welcome reception or rehearsal dinner for your guests with a local flair, getting married in a historic location or leading a second-line parade down Bourbon Street, our constant goal is to create a stress-free environment for the bride, groom and their immediate families. They can lean on us for any worries, concerns or last-minute details.

What’s the best advice for a stressed-out and overwhelmed bride? Determine your budget and stick with it. Allow for a 10-percent slush fund in your budget for any unexpected expenses that pop up.

Next, use a basic wedding list and ask a New Orleans wedding professional to help you prioritize. While some basic lists may work for any other bride, a New Orleans bride has a different set of priorities to consider that book up quickly in this town.

 If your budget allows, hire a wedding planner. Most brides will tell you it’s the best money they ever spent!

What is the biggest dilemma you’ve had, and how did you solve it? Missing bouquets, broken boutonnieres, accidental fires, electrical outages, linens arriving in the wrong size or color, tuxedos with no pants, popped buttons on dresses, potholes during second-line parades – these are just a few of the problems that we’ve encountered on the day of a wedding. From duct tape and fishing line to safety pins and crochet needles, we’re ever expanding our emergency kit to avoid any crisis that pops up. We work to anticipate the needs of our clients at all times.

What is your favorite part of your job? One of the best parts of my job is meeting with clients for the first time and showing them around our great city. The next is seeing the expressions on clients’ faces when they walk into their reception and see the look and feel of their dream wedding come to life. And finally, I love watching my wedding clients have a fantastic time at their reception. That’s why they hire us, so they can have fun at their own event!

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