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Alfred Boustany II


Practicing law has been a part of Alfred Boustany II’s life for over 40 years. It’s not just a part of his professional life; it’s a part of his family life, too. At the Boustany Law Firm in Lafayette, he works in criminal, personal injury and family law with his son Alfred Boustany III.

When asked about his most memorable cases, Boustany recalls a case from the early 1980s where he defended an African-American man accused of raping a white woman. Because of the nature of the crime and the time period in which it occurred, there was a highly charged, emotional atmosphere surrounding the case. But after meeting with the man, Boustany thought his client was telling the truth and he felt the evidence supported his client’s version of events.

Boustany’s client was found not guilty. Ten years later, Boustany saw the man again. The man had not gotten in any trouble since the trial and was a productive member of society. He thanked Boustany for saving his life 10 years earlier.

“I believed my client and I believe the jury made the right decision to this day,” Boustany said.

In addition to his criminal defense work, Boustany has also worked on personal injury cases. He said that many of these have been rewarding as well. Helping people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own get compensation for their pain and suffering is a good feeling for him. It doesn’t fully right the wrongs done to those clients, but it does help them on their journeys to recovery.

“Those settlements were all really important to the people involved,” Boustany said.

Born and raised in Lafayette, the 64-year-old Boustany earned his law degree from LSU. He said the endlessly evolving nature of legal work has kept things fun and interesting for him in his 40-plus-year career.

“The law changes all the time,” Boustany said. “It [the profession] requires constant learning, which keeps the brain working. It keeps us sharp and involved.”





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