“We should not be held back from pursuing our full talents, from contributing what we could contribute to society, because we fit into a certain mold….”
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


As the organization’s President, Alice Franz Glenn leads the 2018-2019 League Year for the Junior League of New Orleans. She provides responsible and effective guidance for the Board of Directors and staff in addition to presiding over meetings of the Board, Joint Council, and General Membership and serving as the organization’s official spokesperson. With enthusiasm for improvement, she assists the Board in confirming goals and tasks at the beginning of each year and in evaluating and recommending paths for the future. Alice is proud to lead the Junior League in a time when the organization’s mission to train women leaders has never been more relevant or important.

Since joining as a Provisional member in 2009, Alice has held diverse leadership positions on three councils – Planning & Development, Community, and Membership. Her professional experience drew her to be JLNO’s Development Chair, and she succeeded that position by promoting volunteerism with other organizations on the Community Shift committee and guiding JLNO’s newest members as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Provisional committee. One of her favorite ways to serve JLNO and the community is through Edible Schoolyard, a school-based program that teaches children to make healthy connections through food. She loves volunteering at the school’s open garden days, so much so that she ended up chairing their fundraiser, Edible Evening, in 2015. She has also been energized by the interest members have shown in learning how to become more effective advocates and plans to increase training opportunities in this arena.

Alice believes that advocacy and volunteerism are the two most impactful means to effect change. As such, she founded and owns Glenn & Associates, LLC, specializing in strategic philanthropy and government relations consulting for businesses, individuals, foundations, and non-profit organizations. She currently serves as a legislative aide to Louisiana House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger and works with local organizations on fundraising operations, board management, and strategic planning. Throughout her career, Alice has worked with political candidates of both parties, government officials, and organizations such as the United Way, Loyola University of New Orleans, and the Louisiana Restaurant Association.

Alice attended high school in Houma, LA and spent several years in Jackson, MS, graduating from Millsaps College with a Bachelor’s degree in political science. After returning to Louisiana, she settled in New Orleans, where she received a Master’s degree from Tulane University. She currently lives Uptown with her husband Brodie, who is an attorney for Baldwin Haspel Burke Mayer and their daughter Reese (2). Brodie and Alice enjoy fishing, live music and travelling. She is inspired by the resilient community around her, and especially the dynamic women who are driving change, policy and improvement.


Alice Franz Glenn, President