There is an array of famous adult beverages that were birthed in New Orleans, such as the Sazerac, the Ramos Gin Fizz, the Vieux Carré and the Grasshopper. Then there are cocktails that weren’t born here but are almost ours because they’re closely associated with New Orleans, such as the Pimm’s Cup, the French 75, and the Brandy Milk Punch.
While each of these internationally famous drinks has a defined recipe, those parameters don’t preclude creative expressions from our cocktail community. Some think the changes to be blasphemy, yet most consumers welcome new constructions and are willing to give full consideration to something new.
Such is the case with the ultimate eye-opener, the Brandy Milk Punch. What a grand drink for those mornings when the eyelids don’t want to flap open or for the stomach that only wants to complain about excesses committed the previous evening. Been there. Done that. Paid the price.
So if one of the desired effects of a Brandy Milk Punch is a jump-start, why not put the whole deal into overdrive, take in more caffeine and truly get on with the day? Espresso ought to do the trick, and it indeed does just that.
The folks at Cavan, that new restaurant on Magazine Street that shows grand respect for what came before, have developed a punch that puts all
other versions into the slow lane.

Cavan’s Espresso Milk Punch

1 ounce Evan Williams Bonded Bourbon
1 ounce Varnelli Caffè Moka
1/8 ounce Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur (optional)
11/2 ounces heavy cream
Fresh finely ground espresso for garnish

In a rocks glass filled with ice, pour in bourbon, Caffè Moka and Chicory Liqueur. Add cream to fill glass. Stir once and sprinkle with fresh finely ground espresso to garnish.


As created and served at Cavan Restaurant, 3607 Magazine St., 509-7655,