Along the Avenue

They laughed; they danced; they cheered; they sang; they kissed; and pigs flew. More men than usual paraded in dresses. People pigged out, rocked out and partied hearty. There was décor galore between the black and gold and the purple, green and gold; lots of the nicest folks we know went wild and mixed it all up in a true support for the city’s heroes and follies.

It was one super season, from the demure “le debut” last July to the run up to the Super Bowl, then the stroke of midnight brought the curtain down on Carnival 2010. Even though it’s Lent, few – if any – are repentant.

The debutantes have retired crowns and gone back to hitting the books. Several captains passed the baton (actually the whistle). Plans for next year’s seasons – deb, football and Carnival – are in the works. Just look at all these folks, didn’t they have fun?

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