Along The Avenue: From Pyramids to Parties

Along Diane At Pryamids

Goodness, a gal slips out the country for a bit of educational and personal R & R and Omicron arrives with a vengeance, making a mess of everyone’s plans for Christmas, a big Deb Season and New Year’s Eve. Now who knows how this will impact February? So far Mardi Gras and the big Rex Gala, honoring the 150th Anniversary of the School of Design at the Presbytère, hosted by the Louisiana Museum Foundation, are still on. 

So let’s back up a bit. Yours truly hops a plane to Cairo for a trip up the Nile. At least six other people from New Orleans had been or were traveling at the same time, so I figure this is a great time to go. Besides, Egypt has always been on my bucket list, and this is as good a time as any to check off that box. I marveled at the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen and Ramses II and other gravesites that date back to c. 2613-2494 BC; camels, donkeys and all modes of transport; essential oils that date back to Cleopatra; and so many more sensory delights. But returning to the States was like running the gauntlet of vaccination papers in Cairo, London and the United States. Worth it? You bet. 

Arriving home was a welcome of Christmas cards and invitations, exchanging Indiana Jones khakis for cocktails dresses. 

The first night home, many of the city’s finest were on hand to see Joy and Boysie Bollinger cut the ribbon on the Canopy of Peace at The National WWII Museum. To say it was a glorious evening would be an understatement. 

Parties took us on imaginary visits to Monaco’s famed casino and to Paris, others took place behind convent walls, in hallowed temples of art and under tents. Then it began again. Emails and phone calls announced, “Due to the rising COVID numbers the party, event, wedding, anniversary celebration has been canceled.” If a soirée happened, it was very small and private, and you can bet everyone was vaccinated. 

As I write in early January, I wonder, hope and pray that the numbers drop, Mardi Gras ball go on (Heaven knows our Carnival Royalty and their courts have waited long enough), parades march, everyone is careful and cautious and beads are thrown with abandon. 

Along Boysiebollinger

Boysie Bollinger at The National WWII Museum Canopy of Peace ribbon cutting

Along Everett Heebe And Dad Odom Heebe

Debutante Everett Heebe and Dad Odom Heebe

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Debutante Mary Kathryn Fitzpatrick

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