Last week we discussed a list of etiquette rules that Martha Stewart Weddings said no longer applied to couples and their impending nuptials. The list ranged from who walks a bride down the aisle, to who should pay for the wedding.

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of fun and heartwarming stories and videos of couples opting for an alternative pick for certain bridal party positions. As the videos gain in number and popularity, we’re sold on the idea that having a traditional bridal party is no longer necessary.

Families and friends are more diverse than ever and the “Leave It To Beaver,” family dynamic is no longer the norm. Wedding parties have, not surprisingly, followed suite.

Couples don’t need to have a ring bearer or multiple flower girls or even all female bridesmaids or all male groomsmen.  

A few of our recent favorite edits to this tradition are a flowerman and flower-grandmas. Jake Clark, from Dayton, Ohio, rocked three fanny packs and threw fall leaves down the aisle at his friends wedding, stealing the show and becoming and internet sensation. Couple Josh and Maggie Wakefield decided to switch up the flower girl role and instead include their grandmothers. The two had their grandmothers wear matching dresses, which the ladies picked themselves, and walk down the aisle together while throwing rose petals.

Many couples opt for an adult-only wedding and reception, so including children in their ceremony just doesn’t make sense. And now couples are getting more creative with these roles.

Traditions, like everything else in life, change as time passes. We foresee couples continuing to collaborate with their attendants to create moments that are heartwarming and unforgettable.