An Elegant Lakeview Home

Relatives share common space in Lakeview.
Amos enjoys being in the media room with his father. Three televisions make watching football games especially exciting for David|!!| who says it’s his favorite room in the house.

With an updated flair for French architecture, the home of Whitney and David Loria in Lakeview definitely has plenty of appeal. Even the iron fence, set between brick posts, adds to its pristine European look. Designed by David’s sister-in-law, Gwen Loria, an architectural designer who attended Tulane University School of Architecture, it’s the dream home of the young couple with a special lagniappe feature: According to David, an attorney with Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr and Smith, their home is part of a unique green space that joins it with Gwen and Paul’s home and the new home of his parents Annette and Frank Loria.

“Since Gwen and Paul have four young children and we have two, I can’t think of anything better than having a huge open play area between our houses for all of us to enjoy, not to mention the joy of having our children’s grandparents as part of the family triad,” says David.

Completed in August 2012, the 3,700 square-foot-home features an open floor plan with the main areas opening onto a large brick patio that features an outdoor kitchen and plenty of space for family gatherings, while the children can freely play in the grass-covered adjoining space. “It’s a wonderful way to be together with family and friends,” Whitney says. “The children love the freedom of having so much open space. We did add a low fence around the patio, mainly to contain our smaller children when necessary, not to mention there’s a run for our dogs, Lucy, a standard poodle, and Wallace, a German shorthaired pointer.”

Whitney gets the credit for the interior design of the house. “I enjoyed finding just the right furnishing that fit our casual lifestyle,” she says, adding, “David had a very active part in every decision for our home. For example, when we found the 5-by-8-foot map of Italy in Dawsonville, Ga., that we now have on a living room wall David said, ‘We must have it.’ And he didn’t hesitate to rent a trailer to hook-up to our car so we could bring it back to New Orleans.” David’s love of the map is connected to his Italian heritage.

Both Whitney and David appreciate that the living, kitchen and dining rooms are all one large open space. “It’s ideal with our young family,” David says. “We enjoy being in the same space where we can keep an eye on Amos, our 2-year-old son, and Reid, his brother who’s only a few months old but loves to be with everybody.”

The all-white kitchen is enhanced by the careful detailing of the molding and trim, in addition the Alaskan white granite tops for the counters and island, which add a touch of elegance to the space. “We both appreciate the interesting architectural feature of having the posts and curved opening that defines the dining room,” Whitney says. The hand-scraped, hickory hardwood floors the couple purchased from John Whittemore (JW Flooring) adds a special texture and warmth throughout the house.

The master bathroom and adjoining closet are one big space, and it’s obvious that neatness matters for the couple. “Randy Daigle of Daigle Cabinets did the built-ins that allow us to keep everything in place,” Whitney says.

“We love the neatness of the design that doesn’t allow one surface for clutter to gather.”

“The 16-by-20-foot media room is my special place to watch football games with family and friends,” David says, noting the lineup of three televisions on the wall. “It is truly the finishing touch that makes our home perfect.”

Designed by David’s sister-in-law, Gwen Loria, an architectural designer who attended Tulane University School of Architecture, the home represents an updated flair for French architecture.
Whitney, Amos and David on the back patio of their Lakeview home.
Lucy and Wallace, the couple’s dogs, have their own yard adjoining the rear patio.
The luxurious master bathroom features both a tub and shower.
The dining room is separated from the kitchen and living room by an archway.
The large kitchen features Alaskan white granite on the countertops and island.
The master closet that adjoins the master bathroom was designed to keep everything neatly out of view in stylish cabinets.
A large map of Italy dominates one wall of the living room; Whitney selected the casual furniture and accessories for the large room.
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