Since our cover theme this month is Ultimate New Orleans, that got me thinking about the late Buddy Diliberto who was in many ways ultimately New Orleans. He talked like many of us, ate like some of us and suffered over the Saints like all of us. The difference was that he had command of a 50,000 watt radio station to let his feelings be known. I wondered how the ultimate New Orleanian would feel about the Saints now. With the help of a Jackson Square tarot card reader who had a friend capable of doing seances, I contacted “Buddy D” for this brief interview.

Do you still follow the Saints?
Aw man, when I first heard that they finally got rid of Hasslett and Aaron Brooks I said, “thank Gawd” and then I realized that where I am, I can thank Gawd myself – so I did.

Did you ever think that this year’s team would have much promise?
When I heard they hired some unheard of assistant coach from Dallas and then traded Donte Stallworh I thought, “those squirrels are nuts” but I was wrong.

Who were the real squirrels this past season?
Those people in Houston who passed on Reggie Bush in the first round so we got him; and how about the Dolphins for not going after Drew Brees when he was available. What squirrels!

Do you ever hear much talk about the Saints where you are?
Oh yeah. St. Jude tells me people from New Orleans have been praying to him for years to help the Saints.

Have you ever found an answer to the perennial question of who might be boasting that they’re capable of defeating the New Orleans professional football team?
I don’t understand your question.

Okay, let me phrase it like this, “Who dat?”
Ain’t nobody up here, especially since Jude has kicked in.

Do you keep track of some of the characters who used to call you on the radio?

Abdul the Tent Maker is now Abe the Blue Roofer.

One final question: Is it true that there is a Deanie’s in heaven?

Hey if it ain’t in Bucktown baby, it’s not the real thing.

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