NEW ORLEANS – The Ogden Museum of Southern Art continues to add fun and interactive content to their website despite the coronavirus stopping any and all foot traffic to the museum.

In a recent email to their subscribers, the museum shared links that are sure to get children – whether your own or your students you teach virtually now – engaged, active and artistic.

First they shared online lessons for the classroom, that I – not a mother, but an artist – thinks can work well for the mom or dad now trying to teach and add activities into their child’s day. This first activity is an abstract portrait that also shows kids how to use symmetry. The activities gets the kids outside in nature while also teaching them about the use of their left and right brain hemispheres.

2 Minnie Step By Step 767x1023

Students will create an abstracted self-portrait using symmetry and inspirations from nature that reflects decorative patterns as well as an understanding of value changes in color. This is a great exercise to teach students about the use of their left and right brain hemispheres. Creating the image in one side of the paper calls upon the left hemisphere to orient and reproduces known shapes and objects. Mimicking the drawing as symmetrically as possible on the second side of the paper makes students use their right brain to copy without thinking about representation.


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Additionally, the Ogden offers bi-weekly (Thursday at 2 p.m.) art classes created originally for the O-blog led by the museum’s educator Mikhayla Harrell.

Each art lesson is only 15 minutes long and is geared towards kids pre-k – 6th grade and only requires a few items to create the week’s American South-inspired work of art.

Ogden Kids Art Break



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