What is Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design (SCFD)? SCFD is a networking and resource organization open to those in the apparel design community in the South, as well as those connected to it. We create marketing and educational opportunities.

How is SCFD’s Southern Design Week different from NOLA Fashion Week? Southern Design Week (March 15-21) replaces NOLA Fashion Week and is focused more on the designer and creation, as opposed to retail.

What does Southern Design Week consist of? Presentations, runway and special events.

What has success looked like so far for SCFD? Designers such as Aza Ziegler with her line Calle Del Mar; she’s making great strides.

What should be at the top of our list? Steve Boi, celebrity eyewear designer and his CR3AM clothing line.

Who are your favorite designers? Poppy Lissiman’s clutches, Unif’s moto jackets and Reformation in LA knows how to make a great romper.

You have just published a book and you’re also a designer; what else do you do? I’m chief designer at Hazel & Florange. I have a blog and am writing my second book. And I’ve recently joined renowned New Orleans artist James Michalopoulos in brand management.

Why do you think the South needs a fashion week? More than the event – the spectacle of it – I believe the South the needs the environment. Fashion is often seen as vapid and materialistic, and to a degree it may be taken that way by some. But it’s an art, living and breathing.
Andi Eaton

Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design, SouthernDesignWeek.com