2017 Kingfish

Andrew Ahrens


Andrew is founder and Chief Investment Manager of Ahrens Investment Partners, a local investment advisory firm that manages more than a half billion dollars in assets for its clients. Andrew, a native of Louisiana, began his career in 1989 after graduating from LSU.  During his 27 years in the industry he has been selected by Barron’s magazine and the Financial Times as one of the top financial advisors in the country.  He has also provided guest commentary on CNBC and Fox Business channels as well as  being quoted in popular financial publications. The firm’s mission is to provide unbiased investment advice for their clients to help them reach their unique financial goals. In addition to serving his clients, Andrew is active in raising money for various charities.  An active investor in startup companies, Andrew enjoys helping local entrepreneurs grow their companies, providing jobs, and opportunities in the Acadiana area. Andrew is married and is the proud father of three daughters. “This is such a rewarding profession, being able to work with so many wonderful people and help them to achieve their financial goals.”