Anglophiles in the Isle: Part 7

Whether it be a new royal wedding, the recent release of season two of Netflix’s “The Crown,” or BBC America finally airing the second season of “Victoria,” there’s no doubt there is a buzz about Great Britain bouncing around the world.

Great Britain currently has the longest reigning monarch, they’ve given us Shakespeare and the telephone, even modern obsessions like the “Harry Potter” series or “Sherlock,” BBC show based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels. It’s no wonder the world, Americans especially, are in love with the area.

“We see the United Kingdom as a storybook landscape,” says Becca Hensley, New Orleans Bride Magazine’s travel editor. “Pirates trod here, Vikings conquered its shores, Romans built walled cities, poets took inspiration from reflective lakes and King Arthur ruled from a round table. Add in scones and clotted cream, tea in china cups and pints sipped in colorful pubs and Great Britain is an Anglophile’s ultimate honeymoon haven.”

We’ve been highlighting Hensley’s picks for the Summer-Fall 2017 honeymoon feature, which highlights destinations all over Great Britain.

We’ve vicariously visited towers in Northern Ireland, a lush estate in northeast England, hopped over to the Celtic Sea in Cornwall, slept among the trees in Hampshire and hiked the coasts of England.


Now, we head to Iverlocky Castle in Scotland.



Get Crowned

Would Queen Elizabeth steer you wrong? She’s a fan of Inverlochy Castle — and little wonder. Looming above a loch, in the shadow of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s greatest mountain, this turreted and crenellated fortress in the Scottish Highlands treats every guest as royalty. Intimate, with elegant interiors, Inverlochy has wellies and raincoats stored near the front door, fires burning in every room, and a destination restaurant. Expect activities from horseback riding, to whiskey tasting to clay pigeon shooting.

Anglophiles in the Isle: Part 7  Anglophiles in the Isle: Part 7



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