Anne Grace

Anne Grace

Education: Metairie Park Country Day School; associate degree at Pine Manor College; Bachelor of English at Tulane University.

Family: Husband, Bill; three children: Ransdell Prieur, 35; Liam, 32; Robert, 29; three grandchildren

Mentors: My parents; Ellen Brennan; Ron Forman

Anne Grace has spent more than half her life volunteering and fundraising for countless organizations in New Orleans. She helped plan the grand opening of the Hard Rock Café in the French Quarter, as a fundraiser to benefit the Children’s Hospital.

She brings considerable enthusiasm to all of her fundraising activities – from chairing Zoo-to-Do to planning a garage sale for St. George's Episcopal Church. She joined the Junior League at 23 and is a sustainer there today.

Where does your passion for community involvement come from? My father was on the Louisiana State Museum Board and chairman of the Audubon Institute. My mother was a Junior League president. I learned by example that it’s important to give back to the community.

The Zoo is important to you. Do you have a favorite exhibit there? I have two. I like the elephant exhibit, but the sun bear exhibit is dedicated to my younger brother Robert Downman Montgomery, who was killed in an automobile accident, so it has special meaning to me.

If you had to start a nonprofit today, what would you focus on? I think battling crime at an early age is needed. A nonprofit that mentors kids using early education techniques to handle conflict resolution could really help.

Any memories about going to college in the Boston area? As I was walking to church on a snowy Easter Sunday I was thinking ‘This is not funny. Everyone else I know is on the beach in Destin.’

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? That my children are continuing the family tradition of giving back to the community through volunteering.

iBERIABANK is proud to present a series of profiles featuring entrepreneurs, volunteer activists and artists whose work is making a difference. As iBERIABANK continues to make significant investments in our community, this special feature focuses on a few individuals who are doing the same.

While we can not include everyone who is inspiring change and worthy of recognition, we are proud to highlight a select few who give tirelessly to our community with their time, energy and passion.

Anne Grace

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