A dynamic leader, Annette Dowdle thrives in helping businesses implement strategic benefit programs that help recruit and retain great employees. She and her team of dedicated consultants and employee advocates advise clients on employee benefit programs, strategic planning, underwriting, data analysis, marketing, compliance, and custom communications. “The A-Team,” as she calls her group of colleagues, is highly focused on bringing the right solutions that provide the highest value at the lowest cost to clients.

Annette and the A-Team do not agree that the “one size fits all” motto should be a best practice in the employee benefits industry. Instead, each benefit plan should be carefully curated to ensure it fits into and ultimately enhances the workplace culture. This approach helps engage employees and create a productive workforce with an intentional culture.

Over the past 20 years, Annette has gained extensive experience in the areas of employee benefits that matter most to employers: cost containment, compliance, employee communication and administrative simplification. Her focus is making sure that her clients’ operations run smoothly while she promotes their business and networks with other clients to create mutual business opportunities.

“One of the things I enjoy most about partnering up with local businesses is showing how my clients can work together to their mutual benefit, even if they are not in the same industry,” says Annette. “That may look like pairing up a medical client with a restaurant for events or introducing a niche interior product distribution company to a design + build firm. Creating synergies is why I wake up every day.”

From strategic guidance to networking and business partnership, Annette and her team give clients all the resources needed to focus on business growth.

Driven also from her passion for philanthropy, Annette values community involvement and team engagement. Over the years, she has been particularly committed to work being done in the areas of health and wellness, evidenced by her involvement in the American Heart Association (AHA) and being a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. Her most important upcoming partnerships include being a part of the AHA Circle of Red and sponsoring and co-chairing the May 2022 Northshore AHA Heart walk.

“I experienced my own heart health scare and became a statistic in a sense—I decided to join the AHA after seeing the work they do for heart patients and for the community,” says Annette.

“Community involvement brings individuals together who have a common goal: helping others. This is something I try to do both professionally and personally.”

HUB International Gulf South
Annette Dowdle, Senior Vice President