As an only child, it never occurred to me that someday I’d be an aunt – not a real one, anyway. Then I married my husband and received fantastic in-laws and a brother- and sister-in-law as bonus – kind of like the cherry on top of a sundae.

Then my nephew was born and I got to watch my husband become his godfather. Being around to watch him grow from cuddly baby to a constantly talking 4-year-old has been a blast.

Then my niece was born. After her parents, brother and grandparents, I was the first person to hold her, and from that moment I was completely smitten.

Shortly after, my sister-in-law asked me to be the little’s godmother. I was completely blown away. I’m not Catholic, for starters, and to be trusted with such a responsibility to such an amazing little human – after I accepted, very happily, my next thought was, “Am I enough of an adult to do this?”

And then, as many of you godmothers, grandmothers and aunts (by blood, marriage and association) can attest, the drive to buy her everything cute entered my blood. The onesies, softest blankets and monogrammed mostly pink items have been filling the present area I have set aside at home, and I’m already trying to decide what first pair of heels she’ll receive and when we’ll go for her first makeover.

But the first present I gave her was for her christening – and it was a huge hit. I knew she would wear the beautiful gown that both her mother and grandmother had worn for theirs, but it needed a little something.

So on the day I took responsibility for this tiny, sweet absolutely beautiful girl, I made sure she had a little sparkle. And I can’t wait to try to be around to encourage that sparkle in her for the rest of her life.