Remaining optimistic about the future is a delightful and necessary human trait. So let’s look ahead, have a great party to celebrate a New Year’s Eve, which will, no doubt, be better than the last.

To move toward a positive outcome, we need to change a few things. Resolutions are traditionally made on this premise, and we all have intentions of improving ourselves. “Simplifying” is one of those paths now available that hopefully leads to happiness.

Since we have to start somewhere, let’s start with our choice of beverages. Cobblers, one of the oldest styles of adult beverages – dating at least back to the 1830s – mix bitter with sweet, fruit with spirits, and are easy to make, easy to enjoy class of cocktail. The cobbler tradition is locally preserved at Bellocq in the Hotel Modern. The bar is named for the turn-of-the-20th century photographer who chronicled “working girls” in the Storyville District of our town, where jazz, the only true and indigenous American art form, was likely born, playing alongside then legally pleasurable activities between consenting adults.

Bellocq, the drinking establishment, is brought to you by the same talented and visionary team that brought New Orleans Cure and Cane & Table. They have delivered on their promise to keep it fun and keep it simple.

White Port Cobbler

2 ounces White Port
1/2 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce ginger syrup
2 muddled orange eights

Shake, then pour into a cobble tin or old fashioned glass, adding an orange piece and lemon peel garnish. Also garnish with mint, strawberry and a lemon quarter.

As crafted by Kirk Estopinal, proprietor, Bellocq, At the Hotel Modern, Lee Circle