Another Year

How about 2010? It has been a year, has it not? Things have happened, but many other things have not. For example, my prediction this time last year that New Orleans would be purchased by Liechtenstein has proven premature. Sources tell me that the deal is still in the works, but as of this writing, the Liechtensteiners have not committed. "Never trust a Liechty," is what I say.

Restaurants opened this year like flies on a boar’s ass. Mike’s on the Avenue re-opened, and despite a few hiccups in its early days, it seems to be catching its stride. Xavier Laurentino opened Barcelona Tapas Cafe in the Riverbend, adding another dining option to a neighborhood already full of options.

Mesón 923 went through some growing pains, but it’s still a great place for a meal in the Warehouse District. Mondo opened in Lakeview, home of chef Susan Spicer (New Orleans Magazine‘s Chef of the Year). It’s been a huge success and another symbol of the recovery of that part of the city.

Jung’s Golden Dragon, named Chinese Restaurant of the Year by New Orleans Magazine, moved from its longtime Metairie location to Magazine Street, and Sid-Mar’s moved in the opposite direction, from Bucktown to Fat City. Little Morocco –– New Orleans Magazine‘s Middle Eastern Restaurant of the Year –– opened on St. Charles, and Oak was one of three bars with good food to open this year. Three Muses was another, and Sylvain, on Chartres, opened, as well. John Harris opened Bouligny Tavern next to his restaurant Lilette, and it’s been going strong ever since.

Everything, including the local restaurant scene, was shaken by the BP oil disaster. Although the long-term impact is yet to be known, the early predictions of doom have not panned out. The immediate impact was substantial, but we’ve dealt with the disaster as we are wont to do down here –– by persevering.

These are not the only things that have happened this year, of course, but they are the things I’ve written about for Haute Plates, making them the most important. If you wish to point out an oversight or to comment on the items above, please feel free to do so below.

Happy New Year, kids.

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