Antiquarian Autumn

After the newness of spring and the busyness of summer, the cooler seasons invite you to settle in with the old.

Something about fall says “antiques” to me more than any other season. I don’t know why; it’s just something about the dialing down of the seasons. After the brightness of spring and summer, it’s nice to now get a chance to enjoy the woody, the chipped, the cracked and the dusty treasures that are so plentiful in New Orleans. I decided to focus specifically on the French Quarter this time around, and I discovered my choices tended to be not so dusty but rather often quite shiny! I started with Antiques de Provence, with its main shop on Royal Street, and the new garden and lighting showroom next door, owned by Cindy Nunez. She suggested that I visit M.S. Rau Antiques across the street (which is almost more of a museum than a store) and look in on Animal Art Antiques on Chartres Street. I included one of my favorite standbys, also on Chartres, Lucullus. They all came together in a very balanced way. Among the four of them, you could literally furnish your entire home with amazing and unique finds.

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