Anything But Cake

At a recent New Orleans Bride event, we were given some new and intriguing information about the state of the traditional cake for weddings. A few local professionals commented on the trend of brides and grooms turning away from traditional wedding cake opting instead for alternative options or no cake (or dessert) at all.

This may not come as a surprise to some given the recent “naked cake” trend, as well as the growing popularity of non-traditional ceremonies and receptions. Vincent Maenza with Mr. Mudbugs and 12 Seasons Catering told us he has seen a few alternatives gain traction. One of his brides went for pies instead of cake. While others have opted for an all dessert wedding, with no other bites, or no desserts at all. Jackie Sue with Gambino’s Bakery agreed that she too has been asked for pies instead of the traditional cake. She also notes couples have gone with candy bars, dessert bars, cheesecake bars and even a cake made out of actual wheels of cheese in place of a cake.

Many couples enjoy bringing all aspects of a traditional wedding into their Big Day, but for those looking to switch things up, maybe your cake is just the place to start.


What do you think about a non-traditional dessert option? Let us know in the comments.



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