How did you become involved in Select Stone?
I began my career in the banking industry. In 2008, when the market declined, I decided to make a change and joined Select Stone.

What is different about your business?
We carry only first quality stones with 100 percent of our stock inspected for color and quality.

How has Select changed?
In the beginning we offered about 60 colors to choose from. Our selection now has grown to over 300 choices.

What are your most popular lines?
While solid slab stone of any kind is desirable, quartzite and quartz are particularly popular for those who want the look of marble with the durability of granite.

What are your favorites in store right now?
Taj Mahal, Infinity White, Lake Louise and Matrix 3D are a few.

What are the trends right now?
We are still seeing a heavy influence of contemporary white and grey color schemes. Although design styles are personal, dynamic stones with bold movement remain on trend to make a statement.

What else do you offer?
We offer many unique finishes, including polished, honed, leathered, antiqued and brushed.

What is on the horizon?
Coming soon we will have our first semi-precious material: Blue Agatha. With a gorgeous variety of blue hues, it’s an exquisite ornamental stone.  n


Select Stone

733 Distributors Row, Suite B, Harahan