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Travelers learned about Inuit igloos and scored hockey goals in Canada; donned a Viking’s hat and wove jule hjerter (Christmas hearts) in Denmark; and created worry dolls in Guatemala along the full-day journey at the “Chidren’s World Fair.“ Explorers could also play kugelach (Israeli jacks) in Israel, make African masks and sample crunchy chin chin snacks in Nigeria before traveling to Romania to decorate intricate Romanian Easter eggs and learn traditional folk dances. In Tibet, travelers learned the craft of making authentic sand mandalas, and in Venezuela they tasted pastelitos and boca dulce cakes. While traveling, visitors had their Passport Activity Books stamped in each country.

Throughout the day, Dow STEM Ambassadors highlighted the global importance of science, technology, engineering and math with interactive activities and science experiments. In the Dow STEM Lab, fair-goers explored sports science, learned about Dow’s No. 3 Chevrolet NASCAR car, participated in matchbox car races and posed for a special souvenir photo.

In the theatre, young scientists made silly putty using everyday household items and discovered that “Science is pHun” while making ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Highlighting Dow’s partnership with FIRST Robotics, guests worked with Legos to build moving robotic parts and enjoyed lively demonstrations featuring area high school teams’ robots in action.

Event Chair Anamaria Villamarin-Lupin steered the event along with Canada Co-Chairs Pat Denechaud and Elizabeth LeBlanc; Denmark Co-Chairs Marlene Friis and Erin Winther; Guatemala Co-Chairs Martine Chaisson Linares and Kelly Theard; Israel Chair Liba Kornfeld; Nigeria Co-Chairs Vernecia Goffney, Angela Nyong and Tracy Thomas; Romania Chair Domnica Fotino, Tibet Co-Chairs Neil Guidry and Ngawang Legshe; and Venezuela Chair Jesus Alberto Garcia. 


What: ”Children’s World Fair” presented by Dow, benefiting Louisiana Children’s Museum
When: Saturday, March 28
Where: Louisiana Children’s Museum

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