The Arts Council of New Orleans honored local personalities and businesses at this year’s Art’s Council Community Awards on May 5. The patron party was held at the Windsor Court on Tuesday, May 4, featuring spectacular food and flowers provided by the hotel. Guests were treated to music performed by the Windsor Court’s incredible pianist, ZaZa Marjanishvili. Intricate metal, glass, wood and print artwork from Arts Market Artists was for sale, tempting guests to get out their checkbooks in order to score an original piece of their own.

The beautiful Audubon Tea Room was the site of the main event: the awards luncheon. Co-chairs Sarah Carey and Pamela Ryan created a wonderful party that attracted more than 400 guests and was truly worthy of those it honored.

This year’s recipients were Diana Bolston; Stewart Farnet; Mitchell Gaudet; the Anthony Bean Community Theater and Acting School; the Komenka Ethnic dance and Music Ensemble; and the Newcomb Art Gallery. The Chairman’s award, given out by Tom Reese, was awarded to Lionel Ferbos. Ferbos, at 99, is the oldest jazz musician in New Orleans, and he still plays at the Palm Court.

Major sponsors of the event included AT&T, Jones Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Freidman. Funds raised from the event go toward the operating costs of the New Orleans Arts Council, which is dedicated to preserving the culture of the arts in New Orleans. The Arts Council provides local artists with a variety of resources including cultural planning, advocacy and economic development.