Whether a bold painting that strikes a chord or a cultural experience that connects you to something bigger than yourself, the feelings and emotions evoked by art or culture help us find joy and fulfillment, making our days brighter or more meaningful. New Orleans is known for being a city that highlights well its arts and cultural experiences, drawing millions of people a year to experience the uniqueness of the region. South Louisiana offers a wealth of one-of-a-kind experiences from valued culture bearers as well as remarkable creations from skilled craftsmen and artists influenced by their own unique encounters with their surroundings. This fall, be mindful with your experiences—take a deeper look at the destinations your visit, the sights you see, and the items you hold. Consider the details and appreciate the intricacies that make each event new, each day an adventure.

Historical & Cultural Destinations

St. Joseph Plantation

Take a walk through time and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of those who have called St. Joseph home. Learn about the Priestly family and grandson H. H. Richardson, who was born at St. Joseph and became one of America’s most important 19th-century architects. Get to know Valcour Aime, known as “The Louis XIV of Louisiana,” and his two daughters, Felicite and Josephine, to whom Valcour gave St. Joseph and neighboring Felicity. Hear the stories of the enslaved that lived here and the work they did.

In 1877, the story of St. Joseph’s current family began when Joseph Waguespack purchased this stately home and farm. Joseph’s descendants, the Waguespack and Simon families, have kept this sugarcane farm thriving for over 135 years with over 1,000 acres planted. Visit and learn about the sugarcane industry and its regional significance.

Additionally, see where scenes from All The King’s Men, Skeleton Key, 12 Years a Slave, Underground, Queen Sugar, the remake of Roots, and four-time Oscar nominee Mudbound were filmed.

Visit StJosephPlantation.com, or call 225-265-4078. CDC-advised precautions are being taken to ensure safe experiences for guests.

Fine Jewelry

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