From time to time I see beauty products on TV or on the shelves of a drugstore. They pique my interest, yet I hesitate, wondering “Are they too good to be true?” I went shopping for a few of them, and this is what I discovered:

Bumpits: Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts

“From flat to fabulous in seconds!” claims Bumpits, the hair volumizing tool that’s helped shape the ultimate Jersey Shore hairdo. The kit comes with three self-gripping plastic inserts that nestle underneath a layer of your hair, giving the illusion of an uplifted crown. But does this Snooki-inspired styling tool eliminate the need to tease? I tested all three sizes – small, medium and large – and if you prefer the “bump” look, use the smaller sizes for a more natural poof. Save the large version for Halloween parties and cheesy costume contests.

As Seen on TV: Are these products too good to be true?Smooooth Legs: All Natural Hair Removal and Exfoliator

An exfoliator that claims to buff away unwanted body hair? I had to try Smooooth Legs to see if this hair-removing pad performed. The set comes with hand- and finger-sized backing pads and attachable crystal exfoliating pads. I burnished my legs with the contraption, but the crystal pad felt more like a nail file than an exfoliator. Unfortunately, I was left with irritated stems that still needed to be fixed.


Finishing Touch: Personal Hair Remover

Wax and tweezers can get annoying when you need to eliminate hair in a short time frame. In comes Finishing Touch, a personal hair remover that looks like a vibrating hand-held shaver. But unlike a regular razor, the rotating blade merely skims the surface of the skin so you don’t get a super close shave – or stubble! I have used this electric hair remover for successful last-minute touch-ups on the face, brow, lip area and all over the body. It is essential for bikini lines.

As Seen on TV: Are these products too good to be true?Strap Perfect: The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution

Are you constantly pushing your bra strap up past your shoulders? So am I, which is why I was so excited to test Strap Perfect’s solution. The product includes a thin plastic concealer clip, which you attach to both straps of your bra. After eight hours, no undergarment adjustments and a subtle boost to the bosom, Strap Perfect passed the test.


Twisty Towel: The Original Super-Absorbent Hair Towel

While this absorbent terry cloth headdress has been on the market for years, I finally got to test its drying capabilities, and was impressed! Luckily, my hair stayed put and dried twice as fast compared to regular towel drying time. The sleek design also fit snugly over my wet tresses and helped reduce frizz from air-drying. The only downside is if you have longer hair the towel doesn’t quite fit all your hair without tucking your hair in the towel – I would like to see a bigger version for this reason.

As Seen on TV: Are these products too good to be true?PedEgg: The Ultimate Foot File

Let us be frank – this metal contraption looks exactly like a cheese grater, but files away dead skin off your feet. You shave the bottom of your heels as you would, you guessed it, grate cheese, and the excess dry skin collects in the oval case you empty after every use. Yes, the food reference doesn’t conjure the prettiest image, but we’re actually kind of fascinated with the whole process. If you’re into feet, PedEgg makes foot exfoliation fun and pain-free! Tip: don’t apply too much pressure or you’ll have sore feet!

Heel Tastic: IntensiveHeel Therapy

Dry feet are one of the greatest universal beauty blunders, and cold weather and constant heel abuse don’t help. Even after you’ve PedEgged to submission and slathered on heavy foot cream, your tootsies can still feel rough and cracked. Fortunately, I was pleasantly impressed with Heel Tastic, a foot balm that contains nourishing neem and karanja oils. Calluses felt smoother after one application, and I noticed less dry skin buildup after a few days of constant use. If you suffer from dry winter feet, keep this beauty balm in your arsenal!

Air Curler: Create Beautiful Full Curls in Seconds

I had to laugh at myself as I began to use this thing after seeing the commercial, but so help me, it actually worked! However, it certainly is no replacement for a professional stylist. It took me a while to figure how to put it together before I could try it on my long hair, using several small sections. It made small, tight curls that looked really crazy until I lightly finger combed them out. The downside: It’s big and clumsy – so have a plan as to where to keep it – and you kind of feel a little silly using it. F