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Shauna Leftwich|!!| Designer

Ashley Hall Interiors is a full-service interior design firm. Since 1967, it’s been creating luxury interiors for homes and businesses, nationally and internationally. With one of the largest interior design resource libraries in the South, it’s a great place to start your plans for interior design. Its focus supports emerging product design and ideas for creative living. Designer Shauna Leftwich shares some of her thoughts.

How does living in New Orleans influence your work?
New Orleans is such an architecturally and culturally rich city. Many of the homes here are historic. It is beautiful when you can seamlessly blend the old and the new.

What was the best design adåvice anyone gave you?
It is better to have a master plan and implement it as it becomes possible. This will avoid redoing things done hastily, which is so much more costly in the long run. Decorate with trendy items in ways that are less expensive to change. The trends will and always do change.

How would you summarize your design philosophy?
I think a person’s home is an extension of his or her personality. It should be a sanctuary. It is wonderful when a person can tell a life story through the accessories, art and furniture in the home.

What design trend do you wish would disappear?
White on white on white! Color is such a beautiful thing – both bold tones as well as pale hues; it breathes life onto a blank canvas.

What is your favorite item in your own home?
Bristol lamps from Bristol, England, that were left to me by my husband’s grandmother.

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