NEW YORK (press release) – Ashley Longshore’s pop-art paintings are always daring; her art makes noise. A prolific, self-taught artist, she has been compared to Andy Warhol for her passion for pop-culture figures. But it’s her infectious, larger-thanlife personality, enthusiasm and refreshing real-talk that has captured her devoted fans, earning her a massive cult following.

This monograph delivers exactly what her fans are clamoring for: Ashley’s brilliant, inspirational and wildly vibrant art in sublime detail, all in one place. ASHLEY LONGSHORE: I DO NOT COOK, I DO NOT CLEAN, I DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL is a chance for all to take a journey inside Ashley’s mind and be inspired by her charismatic positivity, color, enthusiasm and bedazzle.

Ashley’s handwritten notes and color commentary on self-love, happiness and honesty mark the beginning of each chapter. Her portraits of renowned and extraordinary women such as Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour, Maya Angelou and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, among others, are juxtaposed against her homage to Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. The visually stunning pages also highlight Ashley’s Book, Text, Bottle, Money and Lil’ Wayne series and some of her most poignant and sentimental Portrait pieces of family and friends. Fans will recognize some of her most famous quotes from her Text series “There is no Crying at Bergdorf Goodman” and “You Don’t Look Fat, You Look Crazy.”

Complete with four double-page gatefolds, “ASHLEY LONGSHORE: I DO NOT COOK, I DO NOT CLEAN, I DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL” will bedazzle any coffee table or book shelf and will serve as daily inspiration to her fans everywhere.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley Longshore is a New Orleans-based mixed media artist, gallery owner and entrepreneur and has collaborated with luxury brands and designers such as Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, Judith Leiber and Bergdorf Goodman. Linda Fargo is senior vice president of the fashion office and the director of women’s fashion and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman. Blake Lively is an actor. Diane von Furstenberg is a philanthropist, the founder of her eponymous line and creator of the iconic wrap dress. Tommy and Dee Hilfiger are American fashion designers.