At the Proteus Day Lunch

Lundi Gras in the French Quarter is always crowded—but there is often quite a scene in front of Antoine’s of men in suits and women in their day suits covered with Carnival pins. It’s a tradition for the Krewe of Proteus, founded in 1882, and it is known as the Proteus Day lunch. Krewe members, former Kings and Queens (more than one table had its fair share of royalty this year) and their families dine, cocktail and socialize throughout the afternoon, with those men who are in the parade scattering to get ready for when the floats roll that evening. Those who are not parading often go to the Old Absinthe House for one last cocktail before heading to their favorite spot to see the beautiful floats filled with costumed krewe members.

At the Proteus Day LunchSloane Baldwin, Gretchen Bjork and Dr. John Church (front) with Linda Bjork and Libby Landis

At the Proteus Day LunchDottie Charbonnet, Betsy Nalty and Ethel Clay

At the Proteus Day LunchPixie Reiss, Patricia Brinson, Lady  Catherine Reiss and Chip Fuller (left row) with Mary Lou Ochsner, Peggy Laborde, Sara Pailet and Erica Reiss

At the Proteus Day LunchGeorgia Simmons and Sandra Freeman (front row) with Connie Parker and Ashley Bright

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