Atlantis Found

Jennifer and Jim Pacione, installed a cocktail pool when they built their house on a compact lot. Jennifer wanted the pool area to feel like a boutique hotel. She researched small pools and the term “cocktail pool” came up, striking just the right chord. She chose all the finishes, blue glass tile and peacock pavers. Jennifer says, “I just liked the color blue. It looks so vibrant with white.” The home and the pool were built by Centanni.



New Orleans is a place of water. Lakes and bayous surround it, and its geography is defined by the Mississippi River. A vision made liquid by the chimera of a summer day, the air thick with moisture and humidity, can make it feel as though you’re swimming while walking. Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis is found?

New Orleanians thrive and cope in many ways. Seersucker suits and light summer dresses; icy sno-cones; cool libations on covered porches and verandas; air-conditioned everything; and of course, swimming pools.

There are so many lovely interpretations of the swimming pool a New Orleans homeowner can include as part of his or her lifestyle. From compact, sleek and modern, to a sub-tropical oasis or boutique hotel-inspired — you can’t go wrong.

The city’s unique lot sizes offer both challenge and opportunity for expression for a private oasis tailored to your taste, style and hot weather whims.