When Dr. Lindsay Wells opened Audubon Fertility in 2011, she had no idea her small medical practice would grow into the fertility clinic it is today. Her reputation as an exemplary physician is evidenced by her IVF success rates on SART (sart.org), which are among the highest in the country. Dr. Wells attributes her success to Audubon Fertility’s amazing team that helps maintain the highest standards of patient care and IVF lab quality. 

This summer, Dr. Wells will welcome a nurse practitioner and an REI physician who both share her compassion and drive to provide patients with the best care during this challenging time of their lives.

Patients and colleagues describe Dr. Wells as “a breath of fresh air,” “compassionate and respectful,” and “wonderfully gifted.” So many couples have Audubon Fertility to thank for helping them achieve their dream of parenthood and for making the journey of fertility treatment such a positive one.

Audubon Fertility
4321 Magnolia St, New Orleans