Andy Myer

A proud local native, Andy Myer is the editor of St. Charles Avenue magazine and style editor for New Orleans Magazine, Homes & Lifestyles and Bride. For 20 years, Andy has worked with a range of businesses in the media and communications field in lifestyle, food, travel, tourism, education, public affairs and technology. She began her career as an editor for Metropolitan Home Magazine and has contributed to several other publications, including Atlanta Magazine, The Atlantan and multiple Renaissance Publishing publications. Additionally, she acted as PR director for Biltmore in Asheville, N.C. and communications director for The National WWII Museum, where she led media relations efforts and served as spokesperson. Andy currently lives Uptown with her young daughter and is often found out and about scouting new businesses, enjoying a meal or a favorite local band. You can reach Andy at 504-830-7227 or

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