Barry Zander

To Your Health: Power Moves

Fighting Obesity and The Squat Press

To Your Health: Tabata

The New Fitness Craze

To Your Health: Two Moves for Your Month

Learn a squat and walk to prevent breast cancer.

To Your Health: Making Minutes Count

Dear Guys, I really want to work out but there’s no way I can spend...

To Your Health: Why Women Need Weights

Dear guys, I tried various forms of weight training, like body pump, for years and...

To Your Health: Vacation Variants

Dear Billy and Hudson, I am going away several times during the summer and every...

Workout Limbo

How to Make Your Efforts Count

To Toast or Not?

The impact of alcohol on your fitness goals.

To Your Health: Final Verdict

Cardio Vs. Strength Training

To Your Health: Waisted Worry

Dear Guys, As I’ve grown older, I seem to have lost my waist. I used...

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