Elizabeth Pearce

Drinks Historian Elizabeth Pearce is the founder of Drink & Learn through which she offers virtual happy hours and in person tours, sharing New Orleans and American history through drinks. She is the host of the Drink & Learn podcast, the author of the book Drink Dat New Orleans, and the co-author of the French Quarter Drinking Companion. She was named a “Person to Watch” by New Orleans magazine and is also an educator for the Sazerac Liquor Company. Prior to creating Drink & Learn, Pearce was the original Senior Curator of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. She likes her desk messy and her whiskey neat.

Porch Punch

Luis Zepeda has only lived in New Orleans for two Carnival seasons, but he...

Cheers: Cheers New Year

Need to dial back your alcohol consumption post holidays? Try the Abruzzo, a refreshing...

Cheers: Christmas Cheer

Holiday plans seem a bit uncertain these days. Will we be able to spend...

Cheers: Sugar and Spice

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Twist on a Punch

Bartender Toure Folkes founded Turning Tables in July 2019. Turning Tables advocates for equity...

In the Pink

A giant among seafood, shrimp are crucial to our cuisine

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