Author: Jeffrey Roedel

Go With Your Gut

It takes a lot of courage to launch a new culinary brand, but for Kaitlynn Fenley and Jon Scott Chachere, the creative couple has guts down to a science. As an informative wellness blog-turned-fermented foods brand, Cultured Guru is backed…

Louisiana Made: Arts and Sciences

You see a lot of things out in the wild, but if nothing else, Sandra Walkin believes in resurrection. Reaching out beyond her sun-drenched, glassed-in porch, thousands of pines, pecans, winged elms, river birches and more stand as towering reminders…

Louisiana Made: Well Armed

Rounding the corner past a path of palms, ferns and lilies in the expanse of the greenhouse, Harper runs beaming, her arms waving wide like falcon wings. The young girl refuses to take off her new jacket; she pleads with…

Louisiana Made: Wear Y'at

Stacked three and four high and all around Blake Haney are brown boxes of just about everything: stickers, T-shirts, hats, socks — everything. Leaning back in his chair and turning his attention from his computer for what looks like the…

Louisiana Made: So Fresh and So Clean

When bathing (thankfully) began trending again in the 19th century, the search was on for ways to produce affordable soap on a large enough scale to keep the working class disease-free, healthy and able to fill the factories and fields…

Louisiana Made: Pitcher Perfect

If you’re speeding or texting you’ll probably miss it, but tucked away in a beige block of industrial-looking storehouses off a small side road in Hammond, stands what the Brewers Association has twice named one of the 50 fastest-growing craft…

Louisiana Made: Dream Weaver

The opulent palaces and forested expanses of foothills stretching up to the highs of the Himalayas were enthralling, but Trishala Bhansali found her creativity molded more by muslins and silk brocade and block prints. The entrepreneur witnessed these among the…

Louisiana Made: Sweet Preservation

Their fingers were crimson — almost stained — and with bellies full like the certainty of a cicada song at sunset, baskets of strawberries remained, and a decision had to be made. “There were just too many, and we didn’t…

Naturally Chic

Reaching for a hand towel in the Griffard residence requires sliding a dark wood panel past a golden grid of speakers on a 1950s Grundig hi-fi sound system. Above, the vinyl turntable has been supplanted by a shining, modern sink…

Carving a Niche

Glimmers of a December sun reflect wildly off the wet ground, a slick, dark floor of fallen leaves and mud left by last night’s rain. A hatchet that looks like it has earned its rust leans across a thin handrail…

Louisiana Made: Metal Winner

As far as daily commutes go, David Cano’s is hard to beat. It runs from the recently renovated second-floor loft apartment directly above his wife’s letterpress studio to just down the street at the expansive metal fabrication shop where, with…

Louisiana Made: Making Scents

There’s a deeply NOLA phenomenon that could be described as a kind of neon twilight. It happens when the last of a humid day’s sunset shines off a low-slung sky blanket hanging, it seems, just out of reach, and casts…

Louisiana Made: Turning Heads

A red Rolling Stones tongue taunts from a cotton tee as she moves swiftly through her efficient home studio in grey yoga pants, describing how she lit one of her hats on fire. “Oh, I have a torch,” she says…

Time is on Their Side

  Catch Reed and Riley Stephens on the wrong day and it would be easy to assume the Metairie-born, Mandeville-raised brothers have a comically severe loathing for watches. An objective onlooker would see them slamming timepieces into freezers, hitting them…

First Impressions

Leslie Graham and Ryan Howell master the art of letterpress in Alexandria

Jennings Apiaries

Ruston compnay creates honey and honeycomb products straight from the hive

Crossing His Tees

Baton Rouge designer Clint English creates iconic T-shirt designs for rock and roll royalty

Flour Power

New Orleans bread baker Graison Gill spreads the gospel of traditional bread-making

Beyond the Surface

The environment is the driving force behind Thibodaux woodworker David Bergeron’s work

Savoir ‘Fair’

Ruston woodworker Joshua Mitchell works to bring together creatives as well as the larger community

Fog Machine

Clinton-native’s etherial, minimal images evoke loneliness and strength


Baton Rouge butcher Jordan Ramirez spices things up with his first retail pepper sauce

In Stitches

New Orleans designer Sigourney Morrison has her colorful brand of cool all sewn up

Sound Design

Violin maker Anya Burgess connects classical and Cajun in her Arnaudville workshop