Author: John N. Felsher

Net Gains


A Guide to Freshwater Fishing in Louisiana

In Louisiana, nobody needs to travel very far in any direction to hit water loaded with fish. In fact, water occasionally comes to the people – whether they want it to or not! In just about any fresh system in…

Take it Outside

Springtime in Louisiana means it’s time to get out and explore.


A guide to waterfowl-watching

A Tale of Two Red

Redfish and red snapper share a common history of Crisis and Recovery in the Gulf

Louisiana's Top 10 Recreational Lakes

Few states even come close to Louisiana for offering so many water activities. Abundant waterways across the Sportsman’s Paradise naturally draw people to engage in recreational options, including fishing, canoeing, water skiing, swimming or boating. Of course, no list could…

Reel Life

Blessed with nearly 300 miles of coastline and fertile river deltas feeding some of the most productive ecosystems in the world, Louisiana anglers can almost always find something biting. Off the coast, sportsmen can fish thousands of square miles in…