Author: Jyl Benson


For the unbearable heaviness of being


The importance of locally-sourced foods on the Acadiana table


Claim the Cool: 14 brunches worth venturing out for

Oh, So French

Bar Frances brings Parisian sensibility to Freret Street

Best Chefs

Centuries after Le Grand Derangement French Acadians were forced from their homes in Nova Scotia at the hands of the British, Louisiana’s Acadians are in possession of an enviable culture that is undeniably rich in music, art, and especially gastronomy.…

Pizza Party

Reconsidering a global favorite customized to suit the Cajun palate


Exceptional service, excellent food, elegant atmosphere

A Case of Mistaken Identity

We called ahead to say we would be arriving 10 minutes late for our 6:30 reservation at Vincent’s. A Friday night, people were already stacked three deep at the moodily lit bar, so we begrudgingly accepted the only open table:…

Tapas & Treats

Normally known to serve large portions, Acadiana has embraced the small-plate trend.