Karie Meltzer

Knobs and Hinges

Using antique hardware can add timeless elegance to a home.

Everything is Illuminated

What you need to know about chandeliers

Garden Decor

Peek into any beautiful garden, and you will find lush greenery, colorful flowers or...

Waste Not, Want Not

Adaptive reuse is not just good for the environment; it’s also good for your wallet and your décor.

Living with Antiques: Furniture Freshened Up

Painting an old piece of furniture can revive it - and make it beautiful.

Eastern Influence

Antique kimonos make beautiful wall-hangings and are wonderful conversation pieces, but they require special care and handling.

Louisiana Life Travel: A Guide to Antiquing

There’s a lot to discover in big towns and small.

Living With Antiques: Estate of Mind

If you know the secrets, estate sales can be great sources of hidden treasures and fabulous bargains.

Copper Standard

L.J. Gonzales restores centuries-old copper

A Good Vintage

A How-To Guide for Proper Application of Classic Style

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