Author: Kerri McCaffety


Melinda McSpadden finally found her dream job running The Sully Mansion,…

Bold History

Designers Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman describe the living room décor as ‘saturated’. The walls are covered in an ashlar pattern Adelphi Paper Hangings wallpaper. The trim is painted a curry color for contrast, and most…

New Orleans Alchemy

A home just steps from Audubon Park illustrates the fresh sophistication of today’s New Orleans style.

House of spirits

The essence of New Orleans style in the Faubourg Marigny home of Lloyd Sensat and Eugene Cizek

Into the future

Designer Rodney Santana Villarreal conjures contemporary charm in an old French Quarter carriage house.

Timeless Style

Patricia O’Brien’s 1840s cottage showcases classic Creole elements.

The Art of Atmosphere

In this excerpt from her newest book project, Kerri McCaffety talks with one of the city’s most famous interior designers, Gerrie Bremermann, about the rich artistic and cultural life in New Orleans and how we bring it inside our homes.

A Reflection of our Character

The Uptown home of designer Tanga Winstead is the epitome of eclectic the way eclectic is done in New Orleans. The bargeboard cottage shows classic turn-of-the-century features and maps out its own history from a double to a corner sweet…

An Alchemy of Confluence

Award-winning documenter of local architecture and culture Kerri McCaffety looks at the city’s most beautiful and iconic interiors in a quest to define the essence of New Orleans’ unique style.In the next few issues, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles will…

Dance of Fire

We danced in the empty front parlor of his shotgun house in the Irish Channel. Alberto Paz, an Argentine gentleman of my father’s generation, said, “Find your center. Stay grounded. Let go. Be patient. Do not anticipate the direction, but…