Author: Laura Claverie

Grande Dame

  When noted interior decorator Gerrie Bremermann closed her iconic shop, Bremermann Designs, on Magazine it was the end of an era. But for Bremermann, 91, long considered the dean of decorating in the South, it was a new beginning.…

cover up

Give antiques new life with bold, modern fabrics

Mapping It Out

Many years ago when my husband and I were dating, he started a collection of antique maps.   They were framed and hung around his small cottage on Calhoun Street.  Over the years, the maps have donned the walls of our…

At Play

Antique toys add history and whimsy to any room

Renewed Beauty

Reclaimed wood provides perfectly imperfect warmth and style

Iron Will

Caring for, and bringing back cast iron cookware


Adding antiques to your home landscape injects soul into any room

Olive & Oil Jars

Years ago, they served as precursors to air-conditioners. Now, they make for great home accents.

Pillow Talk

Rebecca Vizard crafts high-quality pillows using a variety of fabrics.

Heroes of the Recovery

As the floodwaters subsided, some new leaders emerged; here are a few of many who made a difference.

Iconic Iron

Wrought iron is timeless, and its uses are boundless.

Culinary Antiques

For all of my adult life, I have loved to cook. It is in those quiet times of chopping mountains of onions, celery and bell peppers that I work out the issues that weigh on my heart. I’m not a…

Garden Decor

Peek into any beautiful garden, and you will find lush greenery, colorful flowers or a pattern of hedges that delights the eye. You might find towering trees, thick vines that seem to dance across an arbor or a fountain that…

Waste Not, Want Not

Adaptive reuse is not just good for the environment; it’s also good for your wallet and your décor.

Eastern Influence

Antique kimonos make beautiful wall-hangings and are wonderful conversation pieces, but they require special care and handling.