Author: Michael Patrick Welch

Classically Trained

For 34 years now, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra has shown the region, known for its Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music, a few more uses for the fiddle and double bass. The sometimes 200-piece ASO has just begun its 34th season, themed “Orchestrating…

Give and Take

Lafayette musician Tiffany Lamson of Givers works on solo material and tries on several new genres

Golden Grace

The Lost Bayou Ramblers are found by the Grammys, nabbing a shiny statue on the cusp of 20 years as a band

happy go lucky

D.L. Menard, the ‘Cajun Hank Williams,’ lives on through his music

Legacy Lost

Musician Sean Ardoin remembers vibrant Miller’s Zydeco Hall of Fame in Opelousas

Pure Cajun

The Cajun Music Preservation Society keeps tradition alive

Ossun Original

French Zydeco musician Horace Trahan stays true to his roots, family

hommes de fer

Isle Derniere brings hard rocking music to Acadiana en Français

Musical Gumbo

The 11th annual Blackpot Festival in Lafayette celebrates regional cooking and ’old-timey’ musical traditions with modern flair and camping

Family Band

The Jolly Inn in Houma continues the tradition of Cajun dining and dance halls

Hey, Mister DJ

From apps to vinyl New Orleans’ DJs are spinning your wedding guests right round on the dance floor

Meet Zydeco Radio

A new generation of Lafayette musicians incorporates old-school grooves.

Hey, Mister DJ

From apps to vinyl New Orleans’ DJs are spinning your wedding guests right round on the dance floor

An Evolution of Sound

The Necessary Gentlemen combine a love of old-time bluegrass, country and add an occasional Cajun twist.

Local Licks

New Orleans’ wedding singers make beautiful, funky and fun music for every aspect of your Big Day

New Cajun & Zydeco Sounds

Today’s young Cajun and zydeco musicians face a choice: adhere strictly to the traditions and represent the cultures, or expand upon Acadiana music and hope listeners embrace it instead of being offended. The website of the otherwise provincial Cajun band…

The Story Behind Cajun Mardi Gras Masks

Wherever Mardi Gras is celebrated, the mask is key. Behind the best masks, they can’t tell whether you are laughing or crying. They can’t tell how absolutely drunk you are. The mask helps erase consequence. “Riders want folks to say,…