Sarah Ravits

St.Charles Avenue’s Activists of the Year

  Read on to learn why we’re honoring Susan Brennan, Daryl G.Byrd, Edgar L. “Dooky”...

My Toughest Case: Delivering Emotional News

As a college student at Yale University, Michael Moses contemplated a career as an...

Fashion Meets Philanthropy

What we wear often reveals our personalities. Our collective sartorial sense as New Orleanians...

People to Watch

New Orleans Magazine’s People to Watch tradition has been going strong for more than...

Entertaining Impresarios

Whatever the occasion is, if you’ve decided to throw a party there are infinite...

diary of a wedding cake

Behind the scenes with the star of the reception.

More Reasons to Celebrate!

Seasonal menus, promotions and winter specials make fall feasting a must.

Dog Day Afternoons

Staycation ideas for your furry friends.

The scent of a woman

Choosing the perfect wedding day fragrance

It’s Party Time!

Chaos is king as the big day draws ever closer. Friends and relatives can’t...

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