Author: Stanley Dry

Kitchen Gourmet: Breakfast Bliss

Fall makes me think of breakfast, which I love, or — horrors — brunch. The late Anthony Bourdain once contemplated what he might do if his gig as a celebrity came to an end. I could always cook brunch, he…

Kitchen Gourmet: New Fashioned

Ice cream has no season, but if it did, it would be now. Ice cream consumption is highest in July and August, which should come as no surprise, but for many of us it is a year-round obsession. There are…

Heavenly Match

This is that magical time of year when shrimp are in season, gardens are at their peak and farmers markets are overflowing with vegetables. It’s a given that you’ll either harvest or buy more produce than you know what to…

Gone Fishing

One of the many great things about living in Louisiana is the abundance of our seafood. In addition to all the shellfish and crustaceans, we have a variety of delicious fish. Some species, such as black drum and sheepshead, were…

Well Done

If you can still remember your New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely that one of them had to do with food. Perhaps it was a pledge to eat healthier, in which case the following recipes may be helpful. Not only are…

Dessert Dreams

With the holidays almost upon us, dessert fantasies are a common occurrence — pies, cakes, cookies, candies, all manner of sweets. I love every one of them, but I have a special place in my heart for ice creams and…

Morning Cheer

Bags of frozen mixed berries are widely available these days. The one I bought contained raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Since there is no added pectin, this is a soft spread. Made with a minimum of sugar, it is tart and…

Cool Eats

Quick summer meals that go well with your favorite chilled, adult beverages

easy does it

High-flavor, low-effort recipes to ease the transition from spring into summer

Gumbo Party

Three satisfying gumbos that will have your friends and family coming back for seconds and thirds

Rise and Dine

5 breakfast and brunch favorites that’ll stick to your ribs day or night

Sweet Versatility

Whether you call them yams or sweet potatoes, there’s not much you can’t do with this multipurpose root veggie

Catch of the Day

Extend a bounty of locally caught redfish with four deliciously distinct dishes

Summer Favorites

Make an easy meal out of soft-shell crab with ice cream for dessert

Cream of the Crop

Mascarpone, cream and crème anglaise are top-of-the-list toppings for berries

Oh Shucks!

Briny, sweet and packed with vitamins and minerals, Gulf oysters are a beloved Louisiana food. Whether they are broiled, chargrilled, stewed or fried, belly up to the bivalve for a heaping helping.   Broiled oysters: There are two ways to…

My Oh My Cakes and Pies

The holiday season is also the baking season, the time when many who never bake do so nonstop. I would wager that the sales of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, shortening, nuts, dried fruits and all the other essentials skyrocket…

Oyster Fest

This versatile shellfish claims center stage in these 3 simple recipes

Eating Well

Easy and filling Louisiana fare for any night of the week

Claws To Celebrate

6 recipes for our native Blue Crab, plus a side order of local crustacean history